Alma Q Laser

Alma Q laser Treatment in Ludhiana, Punjab, India


Alma-Q presents the most powerful triple mode Nd:YAG laser treatment solution available, featuring Q-switched, Long Pulsed and Quasi-Long Pulsed modes on a single, dedicated platform. With Double Pulse technology offering up to 2,000mj per pulse, an extraordinarily short pulse width of 7nsec, unique technological innovations including depth control and fractional delivery and additional options of working with both the Long Pulsed and Quasi-Long Pulsed Nd:YAG 1064nm laser, Alma-Q is unmatched in its power and versatility for treating a wide range of aesthetic dermal indications.


Pigmented Lesions

Alma-Q is highly effective for treating various degrees and depths of pigmented lesions as well as melasma. The high power Q-Switched Nd:YAG 1064nm laser treats deep pigmented lesions, while the 532nm wavelength addresses superficial pigmented lesions.The treatment mechanically breaks up the melanin in the lesions without causing thermal damage, revealing lighter, unblemished skin.

Skin Remodeling

Alma-Q features the first fractional non-ablative Q-switched laser that offers depth control, allowing practitioners to use the powerful benefits of a high intensity Q-Switched laser for the treatment of age-related skin imperfections including wrinkles, fine lines, photo damage, uneven skin tone and skin laxity.

Tattoo Removal

Successful multi-color tattoo removal requires a high powered laser that can deliver enough energy within the absorption spectrum of a wide range of colors. The high power 0-Switched Nd:YAG 1064nm laser is ideal for treating darker ink colors (black, blue and green), while the 532nm wavelength is effective for brighter ink colors (red, orange and yellow). The treatment mechanically breaks down ink particles without causing thermal damage, causing the tattoo to fade with minimal risk of scarring or hypopigmentation.

Vascular Lesions

The Long-Pulsed Nd:YAG 1064nm laser provides a powerful non-invasive solution for vascular lesions, malformations and deep veins. In addition to its deep penetration and effective heating, the 1064nm wavelength is more readily absorbed by water and oxy-hemoglobin with relatively low absorption by melanin.This triggers photothermolysis of the water and hemoglobin chromophore, effectively targeting vascular lesions while avoiding damage to the epidermis.



Offers 7 distinct spot sizes: from 1 to 7mm, to address various degrees and depths of pigmented lesions and varying types of tattoos. The Focus handpiece may be used in either Q-Switched, Long Pulsed or Quasi-Long Pulsed Nd:YAG laser modes.


Employs a fractional delivery method which creates pixel-sized perforations in a 7×7 nonablative pattern, leaving the surrounding tissue intact.These micro-injury sites trigger a wound healing process that strengthens collagen and stimulates neo collagenesis, completely rejuvenating the target tissue. Five distinct treatment depths are available for maximum flexibility and precision.

Collimated :

The collimated handpiece delivers parallel beams of energy to the target tissue with minimal dispersion, regardless of distance from the skin. This allows practitioners to administer treatment without having to maintain continuous contact with the skin while also allowing better visualization of larger treatment areas. With an 8mm spot size, this handpiece offers an excellent coverage rate and high speed treatment. The Collimated handpiece may be used in either Q-Switched, Long Pulsed or Quasi-Long Pulsed Nd:YAG laser modes.

HomoGenius NEW! :

Treats pigmented lesions and tattoos using a a square homogenized laser beam profile with uniform energy intensity, preventing hot spots. A square beam with 3×3 mm2 or 5×5 mm2 spot sizes allow for coverage of treatment areas without overlap. The Homogenizer handpiece may be used in Q-Switched Laser mode.

Spectrum-Y & Specturm-R NEW! :

The Spectrum handpieces extend the capabilities of ALMA-Q’s Q-switched laser, offering two additional wavelengths with precise ink targeting for especially challenging tattoo colors. The Spectrum) handpiece (585nm) specifically treats sky blue and the Spectrum-R (650nm) treats green and teal.