Rhinoplasty Surgery Ludhiana Chandigarh and Punjab

Rhinoplasty in Punjab or nose surgery is effective for any person suffering from an abnormal nose shape, breathing issues or any other related issue. Rhinoplasty in Ludhiana is also recommended to enhance facial appeal. Facial features define your self-image and self-identity. Your nose serves as the central facial feature and enables breathing function. No need to mention that facial attractiveness depends on the shape of your nose. At Kyra Aesthetic Clinic, we have a full-fledged facility with a team of surgeons having more than 15 years of experience. Our precise techniques can decrease, increase or adjust the overall shape and size of your nose.

Rhinoplasty Surgery Ludhiana Chandigarh and Punjab


  • You want to lengthen or shorten your nose
  • You need droopy tip correction
  • You want to decrease or increase tip projection
  • You want a reduction in the nasal height
  • You want to repair nose deformity such as deviated, twisted or crooked nose
  • You need corrections for birth-related nasal deformities and more!


Our doctor conducts a general examination along with a nasal examination to evaluate the requirements. The surgery is conducted under local anesthesia along with sedation. Sometimes, general anesthesia is given if the surgery requires extensive work.

The doctor creates necessary incisions and utilizes sutures for nasal structure modulation. Along with grafting, cartilage excision is conducted only if it becomes necessary. The base is modified and the shaping process is conducted. Finally, the skin gets settled back in its position with highly thin suture material.

The results appear pretty fast with rhinoplasty. You will be able to recognize the features right after your procedure. However, the results look perfect after the reduction of swelling. It takes about a month after rhinoplasty to see major results. In the case of tip sharpening, the results may take about 6-9 months along with some minor revisions.


The outer nasal splint and stitches are removed within first 5-7 days after the surgery. You will require about 7-10 days of rest to assist in the recovery process. It is common to experience temporary puffiness, swelling and bruising on your nasal and facial area. It is also possible to acquire a common cold. The doctor usually recommends medication, ice pack and a particular position to aid the recovery process. The surgeon may call you back after one week for an evaluation. The surgeon will evaluate the rate of progress as well as the healing process.

Dr, Vikas Gawri is a certified and experienced cosmetic surgeon having more than 15 years of experience. He performs cosmetic surgery with precision and believes in a comprehensive consultation to make a patient feel comfortable throughout the process. His rhinoplasty surgeries have satisfied hundreds of patients in India and abroad. The surgeon focuses on attaining natural-looking results with the finest techniques and precision.


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